Nature-based solutions - Sustainable water management

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IRIDRA is an engineering firm with twenty years of experience in nature-based solutions and is composed by a multidisciplinary pool of professionals. IRIDRA is able to do all the activities required for the analysis, planning, design, and work supervision of solutions related to a sustainable water management approach.

CEO: Nicola Martinuzzi (Founding partner)

martinuzzi webMechanical Engineer

Expert in consultancy, design and construction management of hydraulic systems, works and networks, treatment wetland systems, design with naturalistic engineering techniques, safety in construction sites and plants and development of sustainable water cycle management strategies.


  • Quality area manager
  • Design and construction supervision
  • Responsible for safety on construction sites
  • Health and Safety manager
  • Contracts

Technical Director: Fabio Masi (Founding partner)

masi webEnvironmental Chemist - PhD

Author of studies and research on constructed wetlands and expert in process sizing; PhD in Environmental Sciences; consultant and contract researcher; lecturer in international I and II level Masters; Ex-President of the IWA Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control specialist group. Vice President of Global Wetland Technologies. IWA Fellow.


  • R&D&I area manager
  • Design of treatment wetlands and other Nature-based solutions (NBS)
  • Project management
  • European and international projects
  • Water quality monitoring

CV Fabio Masi [Updated 09/2020]




Giulio Conte (Founding partner)

conte webBiologist

Expert in the ecology of aquatic ecosystems. Partner and technical director of Ambiente Italia srl. Founding member of the Italian Center for River Requalification. Member of the Technical Support Unit of the National Observatory of River Contracts. Author of “Nuvole e sciacquoni: come usare meglio l'acqua, in casa e in città” (Clouds and flushing: how to use water better, at home and in the city). Ambiente 2008 editions.


  • Marketing area manager
  • River and aquatic ecosystems restoration
  • Water quality monitoring, bioindicators
  • Planning and elaboration of sustainable management strategies of the water cycle
  • Design of NBS for sustainable water management
  • Policy and legislation aspects


Riccardo Bresciani (Partner)

bresciani webEngineer for the Environment and the Territory

Expert in studies, process sizing, design, construction management of plants, hydraulic works and networks,treatment wetland systems for wastewater and rainwater, safety on construction sites, development of sustainable management strategies for the water cycle.


  • Head of the design service
  • Manager of the ISO 9000 Quality system
  • Design of treatment wetlands and other Nature-based solutions (NBS)
  • Design of wastewater treatment plants
  • Design of sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Design of natural swimming pools


Ivano Filippini  (Partner)

ivano  webSurveyor

Expert in plano-altimetric topographic surveys, land registry and municipal practices, metric calculations, work accounting, constructed wetlands systems for wastewater and rainwater, assistance to construction site management.


  • CAD designer
  • Bill of quantities and work accounting
  • Assistance to the construction management



Anacleto Rizzo (Partner)

rizzo 2  webHydraulic civil engineer - PhD

Expert in Nature-bases solutions (NBS), constructed wetlands, Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), Green-Blue Infrastructure.


  • Design of treatment wetlands and other Nature-based solutions (NBS)
  • Advanced numerical modeling
  • Research, development and dissemination
  • Training
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Co-design and citizen engagement




Barbara Bonadies (Partner)

bonadies webArchitect

Master's specialization in bioclimatic technologies for the design of the recovery of the built environment and in eco-sustainable architecture, experiences in the field of bio-architecture and bioclimatics for environmental sustainability from the micro to the urban macro-scale. Teacher of the Master in Bio-architecture, Speaker for bio-architecture courses, she contributes to the drafting of the first guidelines for sustainable building for the Tuscany Region and for various municipalities. Design and construction supervision for greenbuilding, European and national demonstration research projects related to the achievement of environmental and social standards with experimental aspects for energy saving and the well-being of the built environment. Application in Nature Bases Solution NBS studies for the bioclimatic integration of green systems on buildings and for the environmental microclimate in urban areas, green roofs and walls.


  • Greenbuilding design
  • NBS architectural design
  • Architectural design coordinator
  • Construction supervision
  • Bioclimatic architecture
  • Training




Giordano Fossi (Partner)

giordano webAgronomist

Graduated in Agricultural Sciences, from 2009 to 2017 Vice-President of the Provincial Council of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters of the Province of Florence. Since 2005 he has been a founding partner of Elementi - Associate Studio of Environmental Design and since 2013 he has been a partner and director of Bios-is - Engineering and sustainability, a company active in the field of architecture, engineering and territorial planning and design. Expert in green planning and design for the various aspects related to the relationship between environment and territory such as river requalification, redevelopment and enhancement of areas of environmental value, urban and intensive green spaces. He has specific experience in project and study coordination activities, construction management, environmental integration, planning of environmental and territorial resources.


  • Design and construction supervision
  • Responsible for safety on construction sites
  • Reforestation expert
  • Naturalistic and landscape design



Alessia Menin

Alessia Menin  webArchitect

Achievement of a level II Master in Bioecological Architecture and Technological Innovation for the Environment, expert in Nature-Based Solutions integrated with architectural, urban and landscape design.


  • Architectural design
  • Photo insertions and graphics for posters
  • 3d modeling and photorealistic rendering
  • Landscape reports, practices of certified notice of commencement of work



Luisa Cavalieri

Luisa Cavalieri  webSurveyor

Expert in plano-altimetric topographic surveys, land registry and municipal practices, bill of quantities, work accounting.


  • Cad designer
  • Bill of quantities and work accounting
  • Geographic information systems (QGis and ArcGIS)



Paolo Armanasco 

Paolo webAgronomist

In possession of a II level Master in Management and Control of the Environment from the Sant'Anna Higher School of University Studies and Postgraduate Studies. Expert in territorial planning, environmental assessments and planning of environmental redevelopment interventions, use of the territory, urban green.


  • CAD design and graphics (photo insertions, renderings, posters)
  • Geographic information systems (QGis and ArcGIS)
  • Landscaping and tree evaluation
  • Data processing and analysis



Katharina Tondera 

tondera  webSanitary engineer – Doctor of Engineering

Expert on treatment systems for highly variable inflow, mostly driven by precipitation, including the application of water sensitive urban design, sustainable urban drainage systems and nature-based solutions.


  • Research, development and dissemination
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Project acquisition and management
  • Research proposals, funding acquisition
  • Water quality monitoring incl. bioindicators
  • Fluent in English, German and French




Other professionals of Bios-IS Srl

Logo bios is  webIRIDRA Srl is a founding partner of Bios-IS Srl (, an engineering firm expert in all areas of interest in environmental sustainability. IRIDRA Srl makes use, when necessary, of the vast multidisciplinary group of professionals of Bios-IS Srl, including (in alphabetical order):

  • Francesco Cintelli : geologist
  • Francesco Marinelli: civil engineer, expert in river planning
  • Giacomo Pecchioli: engineer for the environment and the territory, expert in energy efficiency
  • Giuliano Trentini: civil hydraulic engineer, expert in redevelopment
  • Ilaria Principi : biologist, PhD, expert in European planning
  • Manrico Benelli : biologist, expert in the management of environmental resources and NBS in the coastal area
  • Marcello Cei : electronic engineer
  • Ludovico Susani : chemist, expert in energy efficiency