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Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools artificially create swimming lakes, exploiting natural treatment processes for the cleaning of the recirculation water; therefore, the water treatment and disinfection is done with nature-based solutions, without the use of chemical products (expensive and potentially harmful).

IRIDRA collaborates with expert leaders in this field, in order to propose a complete design of natural swimming pools.

IRIDRA's experience

Natural swimming pools exploit nature-based processes for water cleaning, processes similar to those used in constructed wetland systems for wastewater treatment. IRIDRA is able to propose to its client all the services linked to natural swimming pools, landscaping and engineering design, selection of construction firms, work supervision, start-up and assistance to maintenance management. IRIDRA also proposes assistance to management and refurbishment of malfunctioning natural swimming pools. IRIDRA collaborates with BIONOVA, who is among the most relevant firms in the sector of natural swimming pools.

biopiscine bionova

Example of a natural swimming pool (source: Bionova)

Biopiscina Baku  web

Natural swimming pool for a private house in Baku, designed by IRIDRA Srl in collaboration with Bionova Srl. Work contracted by Archea Associati Srl (render of Archea Associati Srl)