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Offgas testing

Conventional wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) use energy-intensive treatment processes. Aeration is needed for biological treatment (organic compounds and nitrification) and usually contributes to the 40-65% of the total energy cost of conventional WWTPs (Reardon, 1995; Rosso and Stenstrom 2005a; 2005d). Within a context of increasing effluent water quality standards and expected greater operational costs (sludge management, energy consumption), a better comprehension of WWTP aeration systems under different functioning conditions becomes of fundamental importance for limiting WWTP operational costs. offgas logo  web

The off-gas testing is a technique developed in 1983 by Redmon and it was validated by research institutes (e.g. Cemagref, in France) and Universities (e.g., UCLA and UCI, in US). This technique is nowadays available on the market, allowing real-time monitoring of oxygen transfer efficiencies (OTEs) of conventional WWTP without interferences on daily WWTP functioning.

IRIDRA provides offgas testing with the support of experts in the field of conventional WWTP aeration systems. Through the monitoring of OTR, we are able to optimize aeration systems in order to reduce up to the 20% of energy costs of conventional WWTPs.

IRIDRA's experience - Offgas testing on the Caraglio (CN - Italy) WWPT (details in Italian)

offgas caraglio  web

IRIDRA's experience - Offgas testing on the Trigolo (CR - Italy) WWPT (details in Italian)

offgas trigolo  web