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Constructed Wetlands for groundwater remediation

Groundwater in ex-industrial sites is usually contaminated by volatile organic compounds (VOC), but also metals such as iron and manganese. Constructed wetlands proved to be nature-based solutions suitable for groundwater remediation and ex-industrial sites restoration.


  • high removal of VOC and metals
  • simple realization and functioning
  • simple maintenance
  • low CAPEX in comparison to technological solutions
  • very low OPEX
  • possibility to restoration industrial sites with the area at high naturalistic and recreation potentiality

More information

Examples of constructed wetlands for groundwater remediation

The constructed wetland treatment plant of BP refinery of Casper, Wyoming was designed by Scott D. Wallace, partner of Global Wetland Technology and IRIDRA's consultant. The CW WWTP treats up to 6000 m3/g of contaminated groundwater, reducing Btex from 0.5 mg/l to not detectable concentrations. The CW WWTP has a net surface of 1.9 hectars and is implemented in a golf course (see below picture).

bonifica acque falda wyoming  web

Constructed wetland for groundwater remediation, sited in a golf course and designed by Scott D. Wallace, among the most relevent worldwide expert of contructed wetlands and IRIDRA's consultant