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IRIDRA's experience

Among the most representative examples of IRIDRA's experience in this field are following reported.

Villese-Gorizie highway, Veneto Region (Italy)

meteoriche autovie venete  web

Chosen Nature-based solution
Off-line treatment: First flush tank + HF + FWS + Detention and infiltration basin
On-line: HF/VF
Multipurpose nature-based solution: environmental impact mitigation, landscaping improvement of highway. Designed by IRIDRA for Autovie Venete
Year of realization

Environmental education centre of Rispescia, Grosseto (GR - Italy)

meteoriche rispescia  web

Chosen Nature-based solution
Nature-based solution sited in an area of high naturalistic value (Maremma regional park)
Year of realization

Centro di ricerche Kerakoll research centre, Sassuolo (MO - Italy)

meteoriche kerakoll  web

Chosen Nature-based solution
Rain garden
Nature-based solution sited in proximity of a building of high landscaping value
Year of realization

Decentralised agricultural runoff treatment in the Sapanca lake watershed, KAMAG project (Turkey) 

meteoriche turkey  web

Chosen Nature-based solution
Sediment forbay + constructed wetland
NBS realized under the umbrella of the KAMAG project
Year of realization

Residential area,  Preganziol (TV - Italy) 

meteoriche preganziol  web

Chosen Nature-based solution
Rain Garder
Year of realization