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Livestock - IRIDRA's solutions

For the livestock, IRIDRA proposes the following technical solutions

Classical constructed wetlands

Intensified constructed wetlands (Constructed wetlands 2.0)

Additional integrated solutions

Additional integrated solutions in the field of circular economy

  • Coupling with anaerobic digestor for biogas production
  • Coupling with reactors for fertilizer production (stripping, struvite)

IRIDRA's experience

Among the most representative examples of IRIDRA's experience in this field are following reported.

Pig farm S.A.S.A. S.r.l.,  Roveré Veronese (VR - Italy)

Zootecnici Savoia 3  web

3000 pigs
Chosen Nature-based solution
FBA™ + lagoon
First aerated treatment wetland for swine wastewater in Italy and among the first worldwide
Year of design

Pig farm of S.A.S.A. S.r.l.,  Magnacavallo (MN - Italy)

zootecnici magnacavallo  web

1500 sows
Treated wastewater quantity
1 m3/day (pilot plant)
Chosen technological plus Nature-based solution
Year of realization