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Reseach & Dissemination

Research is the key drivers of innovation. Being involved in research means looking into the future and being ready to answer future challenges with innovative solutions.

Dissemination of scientific results and innovative solutions plays a fundamental role into the entrance of innovation within the real world.

IRIDRA was always aware of the important role of research and dissemination. In order to maintain a profile of excellence, to contribute within the Scientific community, and to disseminate the concepts related to sustainable water management, IRIDRA has done many activities in the last twenty years: direct research activities, from applied to experimental, up to theoretical ones; being partner of several European research projects such as OpenNESS, NaWaTech, or SWMED; being in several international networks related to nature-based solutions and sustainable water management (GWT, CWA, SuSaNa); publishing on all the available dissemination channels, i.e. peer-review journals, disseminative journals, conference proceedings, as well as books, manuals, and guidelines; being lecturers and trainers  and organizing courses and conferences.

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