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Experimental reasearch

Experimental reaseach aims to test innovative solutions at a small scale, in order to understand their potentiality and the upscaling. A classical example of experimental research is the use of constructed wetland pilot plants to test the treatment of particular pollutants, such as those driven by landfill leachate or industrial textile wastewater. In these cases, an experimental study is always necessary to design a full-scale system.

IRIDRA has designed and monitored many pilot plants for different wastewater typologies, for instance, aerated constructed wetlands for swine wastewater, aerated tertiary treatment for colour removal, landfill leachate treatment, or green walls for treatment and reuse of greywater.

IRIDRA's experience in the field of experimental research

In the following, some of the most relevant pilot-scale studies of which IRIDRA has done the monitoring and the dissemination.

Pilot plant for treatment of swine wastewater

zootecnici magnacavallo  web

Aerated wetland pilot plant for treatment of the swine wastewater from a pig farm in Magnacavallo (MN - Italy) of S.A.S.A. Srl., designed and monitored by IRIDRA, installed by Reinnova Srl and financed by ENAMA

fba swine risultati

Influent and effluent ammonium concentration from different stages of the pilot plant for treatment of swine wastewater of Magnacavallo (out from solid/liquid separation, UASB reactor, 2 aerated beds and the final horizontal subsurface flow bed, i.e. aerated-VF-1, aerated-VF-2, and HF, respectively), from monitoring of three months.


Green wall pilot plant for treatment and reuse of greywater of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP), Pune (India)

grigie vertical garden pune  web

Green wall pilot plant sited in Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran head office (Pune - India) for treatment and reuse of greywater. Designed by IRIDRA and realized under the European funded project NaWaTech

greenwall risultati

Influent and effluent concentrations of suspended solids from the pilot green wall of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran head office (Pune - India), from monitoring of four months.


Among the most relevant IRIDRA's publications on experimental research

IRIDRA's authors are highlighted in bold.

Masi, F., Rizzo, A., Bresciani, R., Martinuzzi, N., Wallace, S.D., Van Oirschot, D., Macor, F., Rossini, T., Fornaroli, R. and Mezzanotte, V., 2019. Lessons learnt from a pilot study on residual dye removal by an aerated treatment wetland. Science of The Total Environment, 648C, pp. 144-152.

Masi, F., Rizzo, A., Martinuzzi, N., Wallace, S.D., Van Oirschot, D., Salazzari, P., Meers, E. and Bresciani, R., 2017. Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket and aerated constructed wetlands for swine wastewater treatment: a pilot study. Water Science and Technology, 76, 1, 134-146, 2017.

Masi, F., Bresciani, R., Rizzo, A., Edathoot, A., Patwardhan, N., Panse, D. and Langergraber, G., 2016. Green walls for greywater treatment and recycling in dense urban areas: a case-study in Pune. Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, p.washdev2016019.