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Theoretical research

Theoretical research wants to give insights on the potentiality of an innovative solution, giving indications to future laboratory experimental tests. An example of theoretical research is the study of innovative prototypes of constructed wetlands with numerical modelling simulations.

Recently, IRIDRA has started to use, in collaboration with different university institutes (Politecnico di Torino, Boku university of Wien, Universitat Polytecnica di Catalunya) among the most advanced mathematical models developed by the Scientific Community (Hydrus Wetland Module. BIO_PORE). The aim is to better understand the internal removal processes occurring in constructed wetlands facing sudden changes in influent wastewater loads. Into the future, IRIDRA aims to theoretically investigate new prototypes of intensified constructed wetlands with numerical modelling simulations.

IRIDRA's experience in the field of theoretical research

In the following, some of the most relevant results on theoretical research done by IRIDRA.


Numerical modelling on the response of a horizontal flow constructed wetland to time-variable influent loads

hydrus ricerca sperimentale  web

Response of fermenting bacteria and different acetate spatial distribution of a horizontal flow CW pilot plant facing a sudden influent load change, simulated with the HYDRUS model


Hydraulic modelling of the constructed wetland treating the combined sewer overflow upstream the Carimate WWTP (CO), Italy

cso cw carimate  web

Modelling of time variable effluent flow rate (left) and moisture content (right) of the first vertical flow stage treating the combined sewer overflow upstream the WWTP of Carimate (CO), designed by IRIDRA


Among the most relevant IRIDRA's publications in the field of theoretical research

IRIDRA's authors are highlighted in bold.

Boano, F., Rizzo, A., Samsó, R., García, J., Revelli, R. and Ridolfi, L., 2018. Changes in bacteria composition and efficiency of constructed wetlands under sustained overloads: A modelling experiment. The Science of the total environment, 612, p.1480-1487.

Rizzo, A. and Langergraber, G.. Novel insights on the response of horizontal flow constructed wetlands to sudden changes of influent organic load: A modelling study. Ecological Engineering, 93, pp.242-249, 2016.