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logo MULTISOURCEMULTISOURCE (ModULar Tools for Integrating enhanced natural treatment SOlutions in URban water CyclEs') is an EU-funded project that will facilitate the systematic, city-wide planning of nature-based solutions for urban water treatment, storage, and reuse. With seven technical pilots across Europe and USA, a wide range of urban waters will be treated throughout the project, while decision support tools will be co-designed together with local, national, and international stakeholders.

The project started officially its activities on the 1st of June 2021, and it's expected to complete its work at the end of June 2025. Overall, the project will count 48 active months, having a total duration of four years.

MULTISOURCE focuses on the intersection of nature-based solutions with the four key areas of environment, circular economy, society, and policy. This is where, stakeholder engagement comes to play a key role. Effective and inclusive stakeholder engagement methodologies will be used for each MULTISOURCE pilot, as well as for the development of business models and planning tools. The Enhanced Natural Treatment Solutions (ENTS) of MULTISOURCE will demonstrate the benefits of increased water quality, water storage, reuse, but also contribute to the creation of valuable urban habitats and provide other important ecosystem services.

IRIDRA is partner of MULTISOURCE, principally following the monitoring of nature-based solutions for treatment and reuse of combined sewer overflow.

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infografia 02b 2


IRIDRA's monitored pilot of nature-based solution for the treatment of combined sewer overflow

cso merone web

IRIDRA's pilot within the MULTISOURCE project, the aerated constructed for the treatment of the combined sewer overflow upstream the centralized WWTP of Merone (120.000 pe, Italy), designed by IRIDRA Srl in 2014.


Merone 2021 11  web

Site visit to the constructed wetland of Merone. November 2021.