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International cooperation projects

Over the years, IRIDRA had several participation to international cooperative projects, sharing its experience in the field of nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment and promoting different strategies for sustainable sanitation and sustainable water management. IRIDRA had the possibility to work with many NGOs (OXFAM, COSPE, GVC, PhG, ICEI, Progetto Continenti, etc.), in different developing countries (Palestina, Sri-Lanka, Honduras, Salvador, Cuba, Myanmar, etc.), and working on both emergency and reconstruction contexts.

IRIDRA wants to continue in this direction, sharing its experience to assist, propose and realize new international cooperation projects.

IRIDRA's experience

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Separation, treatment with a constructed wetland, and reuse of greywater  from a Beduin village in Palestine. The treated greywater is reused for irrigation of olive trees and fodder. The nature-based solution was designed by IRIDRA, commissioned by the NGO OXFAM Italy, and funded by EU ECHO, FAO, and Sardinia Region