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Operational & Maintenance

Our projects often include nature-based solutions, in order to promote simple, low-cost, and low-maintenance solutions. Nature-based solutions are worldwide recognized as simple and low-maintenance technologies, requiring maintenance activities of not-specialized personnel. However, the few and simples maintenance activities are fundamental to be periodically done, in order to preserve the long-term functioning of nature-based solutions. To this aim, it is important to follow the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) plans. On the other hands, supervision of O&M personnel by experts can facilitate O&M activities, for instance by a proper training as well as helping in a prompt recognition of potential issues (e.g. weed diffusion) or in the interpretation of monitoring data.

Thanks to the experience developed over twenty-years of activities, IRIDRA is able to offer O&M supervision activities in the fields of nature-based solutions through year assistance plans which can include, for instance, field visits in assistance of O&M personnel or reports of functioning. A well-done periodical O&M management guarantees a longer life-span of the treatment plants, avoiding expensive extraordinary maintenance into the future.

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